What is natural herbal incense?

Herbal incense is a unique combination of natural herbs in the form of a bundle-smudge. Fresh plants are braided into the form of a short – wand, and then dried for about two to three weeks. In order for such incense to release its bouquet of aromatic fragrances, it must be set on fire and then dimmed so that it smoulders. Frankincense is used in the tradition of many mystical rituals, in meditation or ceremony, but also has applications in cosmetics. The herbal streusel has antiseptic properties and acts as a bactericide. Natural herbal incense also neutralizes odors and helps clear energy stagnation.

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Natural fumigation – application:

  • purification of the spirit and body, as well as certain objects,
  • Ritual cleansing of the premises from negative energy,
  • A fragrant experience, flowing from the characteristic aroma of Polish herbs,
  • Supporting concentration during meditation,
  • neutralizing unwanted odors,
  • Cleaning the air of microorganisms,
  • relieve stress,
  • cause accelerated wound healing and have anti-inflammatory properties.
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How do you burn herbal incense?

To use herbal incense, light the tip of the incense in the form of a wand. When the fire takes hold of the herbs, blow it out. Then you can make a few downward, upward or circular movements, and then place the incense on a non-flammable stand. With the glowing incense, one can move around, incinerating the body or space. However, it’s worth having a saucer handy, as the ash can crumble out of it. Before starting the ritual, it is important to close all the windows, and after the ritual is completed, you can open them, even creating a draft, to release the trapped air and cleanse the energetic aura, as well as get rid of harmful microorganisms.

Are there contraindications to smoking herbal incense?

Burning herbs, although it has many advantages, is not for everyone. People who suffer from asthma and other respiratory diseases, pregnant women, the elderly, people with anxiety disorders (the intense smell can make them feel anxious) and people who are allergic to particular herbs should avoid incense smoke. For detailed information on the topic of “natural incense”, see our article blog .