Mexican Growkit (Stropharia Cubensis) 1200 cc


SPECIES/VARIETY: Stropharia Cubensis
CHARACTERISTICS: Mexican mushrooms are ideal for people who want to experience a mushroom expedition for the first time. Mexican mushrooms are an energetic and fantastic trip. Mexican mushrooms will transport you to the sunny side of life. A visual and unique spectacle.

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Growkit Mexican is a kit called a growbox, containing mature mycelium that, given the right conditions, allows mushrooms to grow. The growkit substrate itself does not contain illegal substances and is recommended to mycology enthusiasts as a research object under the microscope. By allowing growkit mushrooms to grow in Poland, as in many other countries, you risk conflict with the law. When you decide to buy growkit Mexican, you declare that you will not use it in violation of the law. We are not responsible for the use of growkits in any way other than laboratory testing and strongly discourage growkits. Check the legal status in your country before buying.


The manufacturer assures that growkits are fresh for up to 6 months if kept in the refrigerator at 2-5 degrees Celsius. Our company makes sure that fresh weekly deliveries maintain this temperature in the refrigerated warehouses. As soon as you pick up the package, put it in the refrigerator and remember that for research you have a 72 h, if you exceed this time you risk breaking the law.
  • plastic container with substrate – growkit – 1200 ml
  • carton
  • plastic bag with perforations
  • 2 x bag clip

NOTE! The product does not contain instructions, as psilocybin mushroom farming is illegal in many countries. Before deciding on cultivation, check the legal status, if there are no contraindications – you can learn more about cultivation from our blog.

growkit mexican


Growkit Mexican to your surprise…they come from Mexico 🙂 and have been used by indigenous people for thousands of years. Considered a milder variety, more sociable and cheerful. They have spreading large hats with golden-brown colors. The stems are quite long and thin, they are easily broken off, and tend to bruise quickly Growth is slower than in other varieties. Viewing growkit Mexican sclerocium under a microscope is a real treat for mycologists.


Stropharia Cubensis


Mexican Growkit – Mexican mushrooms used by the original Aztec Indian tribes of South America. Thanks to them, man contacted the gods, they were even called “meat of the gods.” Because of their valuable properties, mushrooms are still used in traditional rituals. It was Mexican mushrooms that were taken under the microscope of Albert Hoffmann, who isolated psilocybin from them.


Growing Mexican growkit is one of the simpler ones, they are not a demanding variety. However, when deciding to cultivate in Poland and many other countries, count on legal consequences, as growing psilocybin mushrooms is illegal. However, there are countries where you can safely engage in breeding, verify the legal status where you are. If you’re lucky enough to have it and permission to grow it, on our blog in the article on growing magic mushrooms you will find instructions and many valuable tips.


Mexican mushrooms are a good choice to start your adventure in mycology. The first experience with mushrooms should not be too deep, and should focus on pleasant sensations. That’s what growkit Mexican is. The cultivation kits are assembled with the utmost care. They are created on the basis of scientific research, so as to select the best varieties of magic mushrooms. Their qualities are mainly light visual effects and sunny cheerfulness.
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