Herbal incense for a good night’s sleep


Natural herbal incense for good and peaceful sleep , a blend of Polish herbs, 100% natural. It will regenerate and calm our organism. It will bring peace of mind and soothe the nervous system.

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Herbal incense for a good night’s sleep:

A blend of natural Polish herbs such as mullein, sand buttercup, chamomile, mugwort and lavender. Herbal incense is an aromatic composition that has a positive effect on sleep and conscious dreaming, has a calming effect, attracts happiness and love. Buttercup in combination with lavender have a unique effect, affects the use of our nervous system, deeply relaxes and relaxes. In folk herbalism, it is used for fumigation or added to children’s baths to soothe them before bedtime. Mild and caring virgin, neutralizes energy disturbances, recommended for rooms with static electricity-producing devices: TV, computer, etc. Mugwort is a common herb that has many properties, primarily protective and cleansing. Chamomile – a plant of happiness and love, soothes and calms, protects the soul and body, supports our aura and provides protection against charms. Frankincense for a good night’s sleep can be a pleasant addition to evening meditation.

Length approximately 18 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, incense can differ slightly visually (composition of herbs preserved), they are similar in form, but not identical – this is the result of hands and different forms of plants.

Slavic smudge, smudge stick, herbal wand-natural incense for a good night’s sleep.

Frankincense was traditionally used by women of the forest and is considered an attribute of witches. They are used for purification, both of the spirit and the household, and to attract positive energy. The ancestors used knowledge of herbs and smudging to achieve these goals. It is worth noting that smoking herbs also has antiseptic properties and helps clean the air of microorganisms.

How to burn herbal incense?

To use herbal incense, light the tip of the incense. When the fire occupies the herbs, it should be blown out. Then you can make some downward, upward or circular motions (to add air and keep the embers). Then place the incense on a non-flammable stand. It is possible to move around with smoldering incense to fume the body or room, but it is advisable to carry a stand to avoid falling ashes. It is advisable to light them with intention, and it will definitely help bring inner peace and allow us to have a restorative good night’s sleep. If you want to know more about the natural ways of caulking read the text on our blog.


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