Natural incense for love


Natural incense for love recommended for rituals to attract the love of the beloved, beloved. It will also support finding self-love.

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Natural incense for love- properties:

A composition of Polish herbs. The aromatic blend will attract love, can help bring lovers together, or perhaps awaken love for each other. Natural incense for love will certainly take care of your well-being. In folk beliefs, plants from the meadows were of great importance in love rituals, bringing back the beloved, helping in marriage, sparking hot romance.

Length approximately 17 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, incense may differ slightly visually (composition of herbs preserved), they are similar in form, but not identical – this is the result of handwork and different forms of plants.

Slavic smudge, smudge stick, herbal wand-.incense natural abundance.

Herbal wands were an important part of Slavic culture, and were used by those involved in healing the body and soul. They were burned in the chambers where the sick were housed to reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria. The smoke from these incense sticks has an antiseptic effect. If you are a person of power, you connect with Mother Nature, it is worth using the gifts of Polish nature. Start living in accordance with the spirit of our ancestors. The ancient Slavs drew on their knowledge of herbs, and burning incense was intended to purify the spirit and body. The decoration brings positive energy and drives away negative forces. If you want to know the reasons why you should prefer incense made from native plants rather than, for example, palo santo, you can find more information on our blog.

How to burn incense for love?

To be more effective when burning incense, it is important to set an intention. The incense of abundance, should be lit at one of its ends, after which the fire should be gently blown out. Then move it up and down and make circular motions to keep the embers burning. The burning streak can be put back on the stand, which is not susceptible to fire. If you plan to move around with burning incense, for example, to fumigate your home, it’s a good idea to keep the base under the incense to avoid spilling ashes.


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