Growkit Mazatapec (Psilocybe Mayiescens) 1200 cc

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SPECIES/VARIETY: Psilocybe Cubensis Mayiescens
CHARACTERISTICS: Mazatapec is a Mexican variety ideal for those who love a spiritual experience. It has an optimistic feminine energy, is abstract in its message, and makes you think.

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Growkit Mazatapec

Growkit Mazatapec contains mature mycelium. The product contains no illegal substances and is intended for research and collection purposes. We advise against growing psilocybin mushrooms because the substances contained in the fruiting bodies are illegal in Poland and many other countries. By purchasing this product you declare that you will not use it illegally,. We do not take responsibility for using our growkits in violation of it. Before buying, make sure what legal status growkits have in your country.


In our warehouse we store growkits at a temperature of 2 to 5 degrees, the manufacturer guarantees freshness for up to 6 months if the growkit is kept in these conditions. When you receive the package, put the growkit in the refrigerator. Remember, however, that you have 72 hours to do your research, otherwise you risk conflict with the law.


  • carton
  • growkit with a capacity of 1200 ml
  • plastic bag
  • clips

NOTE! The kit does not include instructions due to the current law. If you are in a country where breeding is legal, you may want to take a look at our blog, to check out tips for growing.


Mazatapec is a Mexican variety, ideal for those who love a spiritual experience. It has an optimistic feminine energy, is abstract in its message, and makes you think. Mazatapec magic mushrooms still have the wild life of Central America in their genes, so you can expect big blushes with brown hats. With Mazatapec, patience is important. It has an old soul that takes a little longer to grow than other varieties. So don’t worry if your Mazatapec growing kit is a bit slower. When it arrives, it will share all its wisdom with you!


Psilocybe Mayiescens


Mazatapec are native to Mexico and are used by the indigenous Mazatec people, a tribe native to the mountains of
, the region that introduced magic mushrooms to the world. They were a kind of key to Pandora’s box, and opened up the psychedelic world to Westerners. Mazatecs have a long tradition of using magic mushrooms for spiritual and ritual purposes. They eat magic mushrooms only at night, because they believe that if they eat them during the day, they will go crazy. The Western world learned about mushrooms when, in the 1950s, two Americans – they were Gordon Wasson and Allan Richardson – were allowed to participate in Mazatec rituals led by the Maria Sabina (more about her on our blog) who is a Mazatec shaman. Through it, Wasson and Richardson became among the first Westerners to participate in the sacred Mazatec ritual called velada. It influenced many important players in the psychedelic revolution and forever changed modern people’s attitudes toward psychedelics. The discovery of psilocybin and sage to people outside the Mazatec culture was both groundbreaking and controversial. Unfortunately, not everyone could or can respect the sacred mushrooms, desecrating the most sacred rituals of Oaxaca’s indigenous traditions. The impact of Mazatapec mushrooms getting into pop culture has consequences to this day.


In Poland and many other countries, mushroom cultivation is prohibited by law. However, there are places in the world where this is possible, check the legal status of your country, if it is positive, on our blog in the article on growing magic mushrooms you will learn how to take care of them.


If you are interested in the spiritual side of magic mushrooms, you will like this type of cubensis, as it tends to deliver a very powerful spiritual journey. Over time, we heard a lot of great feedback from people about Mazatapec, who had very beautiful visions after interacting with the variety. Some say that Mazatapec magic mushrooms are very gentle on the body, they do not lower the body temperature as much as other varieties, and this allows you to concentrate more on the spiritual effects. Recommended for more advanced researchers.
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