Shaman incense


Shamanic incense, protective and cleansing ceremonies, a blend of Polish herbs: wormwood, yarrow, verruca, rowan and oak leaves, length 17-20 cm.

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Shaman incense:

This unique incense, has a strong cleansing and protective effect. I created the shaman incense based on wormwood – the most magical herb of our Slavic ancestors. Wormwood common in herbal medicine, acts as a bactericide, anti-inflammatory, but also effectively protects against negative energy. In the past, it was used to fume houses to protect them from lightning. In addition, the shaman incense contains oak leaf, rowan leaf, mugwort, wolfsbane and yarrow. Oak – tree of power and object of Slavic worship, effective protection against witchcraft. In folk parables, the oak leaf had the power to resurrect. Shaman incense is a tool for working at a deep level. Rowan tree – a tree from the borderline between evil and good. Yarrow fights charms. The wolfsbane will protect from spells, fumigation with it will free from diseases of the soul and body, as well as take care of the household, save from lightning and all kinds of evil.

Smudge stick, herbal wand-natural incense.

Frankincense was traditionally used by women of the forest and is considered an attribute of witches. They are used for purification, both of the spirit and the household, and to attract positive energy. The ancestors used knowledge of herbs and smudging to achieve these goals. It is worth noting that smoking herbs also has antiseptic properties and helps clean the air of microorganisms. To learn more about the plants used for incense, go to the post about other incense.

Length approximately 18 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, incense can differ slightly visually (composition of herbs preserved), they are similar in form, but not identical – this is the result of hands and different forms of plants.

How to burn shaman incense?

It is necessary to light its tip. When the flame engulfs the herbs, blow it out gently. Then you can make a few downward, upward or circular motions (to supply air and keep the embers), and then place the incense on a non-flammable stand. You can move around with burning incense to fume your body or room, but it is advisable to have the base with you to avoid spilling the ashes. Frankincense is worth burning with intention, especially with such a highly energetic effect and use. A blend designed for purification and protection ceremonies.


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