Mycelium problems

For more on mold and visual changes on growkits, see the blog

Blue-green spots on growkit, is it mold?

Have you noticed small blue spots on the mycelium, even before opening? Rest assured that if the box has not been mechanically damaged, there is no need to worry. Green and blue spots can appear on the still-packed growkit, as well as on the mushrooms themselves. This is known as the bluing effect, and the degradation of psilocybin by oxidative enzymes in the mycelium is behind this process. This is a natural situation.

Mycelium covered with a white coating, is it mold?

No, as long as it still smells of mushrooms and not mold. This white fluff is nothing more than a developing mycelium, from its fibers will soon form pins / first ovaries.

What to do if white miasma / tarnish appears on the stems?

Relax, it’s just a developing mycelium 😉

How can you tell if a growkit is moldy?

First of all, by the smell, moldy growkit will smell moldy, this smell can not be confused with the smell of fresh mushrooms. It is also useful to do a test with a cotton swab. If you touch the contaminated part with it and the green color stays at the end of the swab – we have mold, if the stick is clean – it will be fine. If you want to learn a little more about mold check out our blog post

Black coating on mycelium after casting, is it normal?

If your growkit turned black / dark brown after the first cast – it was simply covered with spores released from the mushrooms you collected too late.

Yellow coating on the mycelium of growkit, is there anything to worry about?

It depends. If you notice a yellowish tarnish as soon as you open the package, but the growkit does not stink, just smells like mushrooms, everything is ok. The mycelium may be a little tired, for example, the temperature of the trip and the metabolic process has begun. This is not a cause for concern. Worse, if the yellow color appears later, and on top of that it smells bad. This may be a sign that the growkit has been infected by bacteria in the water. It is then worth spraying the mycelium with hydrogen peroxide. If no foam is produced – it is good, if foam appears – we have an infection. However, depending on the size of the stain, there is a chance that peroxide water will help and the growkit can be saved.