Psychodelic Room is a psychedelic store

The first store on the market that combines products related to the field of altered states of consciousness. It’s a place where nature and heart come together.

Our mission is to spread consciousness

We provide you with 100% natural incense, as well as handicrafts created by people who passionately pour their talent into objects, creating the field of psychedelic art, as well as handmade products referring to the theme of forest and mushrooms. In addition, you will also find grow kits in the store – growkit.

Psychedelic store - why was it created?

Psychodelicroom is where we found peace ourselves. Psychodelicroom is a manifestation of freedom and well-being. We love nature and beauty, we are artists and forest people, we appreciate creators and want to spread unique handicrafts. We like nice things and believe that there are more people who can appreciate the narrow field of psychedelic art, the art of the heart. The psychedelic store aims to collect products based on natural ingredients and handicrafts made by human hands in one place. But that’s not all…

Psychodelicroom - knowledge about psychedelics

Our mission is to spread knowledge and raise awareness about psychedelics. The kind of psychedelic renaissance that we are fortunate to experience must be used with respect and great responsibility. Therefore, Psychodelicroom is also about knowledge of psychedelics. These substances are not toys, they are hitherto unexplored on a large scale, a powerful tool for self-discovery and healing that should be treated with seriousness and respect. Therefore, we set an example to provide you with reliable information on our blog blog. Knowledge about psychedelics has been passed down from word of mouth for thousands of years. Today we can read about them in books written by mycologists, ethnobotanists, philosophers, scientists and people of culture. Psychedelic literature can help broaden the horizons not only of fans of psychedelic ecstasy, but it can open the minds of skeptics. 

Natural incense made from Polish herbs

Polish meadows abound in unusual plants, and the Slavic incense in our store is exclusively a product of passion, 100% natural. Each herbal wreath is woven by hand. We create fragrance compositions in several variants with different properties. Looking for an alternative to palo santo, which is unethical to buy in our latitude (if you want to know why check out the here) – I started weaving incense sticks myself. I sought knowledge in herbal books and from herbalists. Herbal incense began to be so popular among my friends that I decided to expand the store’s offerings in this product. We don’t order incense from China, we don’t add artificial substances, we pick the herbs in the meadow from May to autumn and we braid the herbal wands by hand with linen or cotton string. Now, at Psychodelicroom, natural incense made from Polish herbs is being plotted by three witches who were united by their love of the forest and nature, and most of all, of man.

Psychedelic art and handicrafts

Psychodelicroom is a psychedelic store that combines many fields of artistic craftsmanship. We are a collective of artists who are no strangers to psychedelic art and handicrafts. We have painters, printmakers and sculptors on board. Here you will find colorful works guided by imagination, as well as surreal visions of nature painted by Przemek, full of artistry and precision. Wooden decorations, made by our friend Karol, will allow you to keep a piece of the forest at home, and ceramic mugs with mushrooms will take care of your smile with your morning coffee. A mushroom necklace can become your amulet, and a ceramic pot with toadstools will make your flower happy. All items in our store are handcrafted with passion and from the heart <3

Instagram - I have pink-colored glasses

If you want to approach the world through our eyes then take a look at our Instagram. Although I have had rose-colored glasses for some time, on the world I have always looked slightly differently. Who needs grey, mediocrity when you can have great power and color, without boredom. At first I was skeptical of social media, and even more so of talking heads. As it turned out – I had to face my beliefs and simply come to terms with the times in which I am lucky to live. To create this profile, “a wing of courage and a wing of truth” were needed – I heard these beautiful words in the podcast Agni Ajurweda. And I have those wings. And here I am ! Creating your profile, revealing yourself…

Our pink atelier has the following suggestions:

  • natural incense
  • handmade ceramics
  • psychedelic images
  • jewelry
  • wooden handicraft
  • natural essential oils
  • psychedelic decorations
  • psychedelic literature
  • blog – knowledge about psychedelics
  • growkit

Growkit - connecting with nature

As a psychedelic store, we have a special category –


– Grow kit containing mature mycelium. Growkit is a connection with nature at an exceptional level. At Psychodelicroom, we take great care to ensure that growkits are always fresh. We are not a big corpo and do not have a large warehouse, so we make deliveries every week and the products rotate all the time without lagging in the store.

Golden hats and powerful effects await you in this growing kit. Experience profound insights and learn the wisdom of the Golden Teacher who leads on this journey.

Discover true wildness and exoticism right from under the ancient temple of Ankor Watt. This grow kit will allow you to relate to Cambodian roots and this unique variety.

B+ is a strain that is known for its ability to adapt to different conditions. He went down in history as the most popular growkit of the 1990s in the US.

Move to exotic Colombia with our Colombian mushroom growing kit. Known for its strong visual effects, this strain is an excellent choice for those looking for an intense experience.

Learn about the mushrooms that come from the heights of the Andes with our Ecuadorian mushroom kit. These mushrooms are known for their powerful effects and powerful experiences.

Mazatapec is a strain that originated in Mexico. This is a real treat for fans of shamanic ceremonies, extremely powerful and quite abstract.

If you are looking for an intensive experience, McKennaii is for you. Our cultivation kit will allow you to explore the broad horizons of mycology.

Discover the classic magic mushroom variety with our Mexican growing kit. This is an ideal choice for those who want to start their adventure with mushrooms.