Strongly purifying natural incense


The natural incense was created with the intention of strong purification. A herbal streusel woven from yarrow and sand blanket will support deep cleansing and bring calm.

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Natural incense – properties:

The natural cleansing incense was created from yarrow and sand blanket. A bouquet woven from sprigs and flowers of Polish herbs. The advantage of this mixture is a strong cleansing and removal of toxins from the body. It also has a detoxifying effect, as in herbal medicine yarrow and blanketweed support liver function. Natural incense causes an aromatic fragrance. It eliminates negative energy, releases anxiety, and brings peace of mind. Decapitation used in magical rituals, helps pull off charms. Yarrow smoke influences our ambition, gives us strength and power to pursue new ventures.

Length approximately 18 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, incense can differ slightly visually (composition of herbs preserved), they are similar in form, but not identical – this is the result of hands and different forms of plants.

Slavic streak, streak stick, herbal wand-natural incense.

This is the name of the herbal incense, which for centuries has been an attribute of the woman of the forest. If you are a witch, you know very well what incense will be useful for you, if you are looking for a gift for a witch, you have already found it. Witches, fairies, women of power, connected to Mother Nature, use the Polish meadows and live in harmony with the ecological spirit. Ancient ancestors used the knowledge of herbs, and smudging them was supposed to ensure the cleansing of homes, purify the spirit, body and bring good energy. And for all the unbelievers- smoking herbs has antiseptic properties, has a purifying effect on the air.

How to burn herbal incense?

The form of the incense resembles a stick. It ignites from its end. When the fire appears, blow it out, and then, make several movements with the incense down and up or in circles. Place the burning incense on a metal or ceramic stand. With the burning incense, one can move freely to fume the body or room. It’s a good idea to have a saucer by your side, as ash can fall from it. Read more about other herbal mixtures for incense on our blog.


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