Lavender incense


Lavender incense made from lavender flowers, leaves and stems will introduce an aroma that is pleasant for the spirit and body. It will positively influence sleep, assist meditation.

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Lavender frankincense- properties:

Natural lavender incense, was woven from twigs and flowers. Its fragrance brings solace and tranquility and opens the soul. It positively influences sleep, and brings happiness and love. It works very well as a supplement to meditation. It’s ideal for home and body odorization. Used in purification and protection rituals. By lighting lavender incense you will make your home embrace an aroma pleasant to the senses.

Length approximately 18 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, as the incense sticks have subtle differences (composition of herbs preserved). They are visually similar, but do not look the same.

Slavic streak, streak stick, herbal wand-natural incense.

The ritual of burning herbal incense was important in the culture of the Slavs. In the chambers where the sick were housed, incense was set on fire to reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria, as the smoke from the incense had an antiseptic effect. If you are connected to Mother Nature, it is worth reaching for the gifts of Polish nature and start a harmonious life in the spirit of our ancestors. The ancient Slavs drew on their knowledge of herbs, and the ritual of burning incense was used to purify the spirit and body. The decoction brings positive energy and drives away witchcraft forces. If you want to learn why you should choose incense made from native plants instead of, for example, palo santo, you can find more information on our blog.

How to burn herbal incense?

For greater effectiveness when burning incense, setting an intention is key. Light the incense on one end of it, then gently blow out the flame. Then move it up and down, you can also make movements along the circle of the circle to keep the embers. The incense can be placed on a stand that is not susceptible to fire. If you plan to carry burning incense, for example, to fume your house, it is a good idea to keep the base under the incense to avoid spilling ashes.


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