What is growkit made of? Growing kit – what you should know about the product.

As we enter the world of mushrooms, we can set our sights on collecting, buying or fully growing them ourselves, which can be an interesting experience and even become our passion. The easiest way to get fresh mushrooms may be to use a growkit, which is a ready-made growing kit. Without unnecessary laboratory, equipment and tedious work based on the production of their own mycelium blocks. Of course, working to create mycelium yourself can be a fascinating passion, but it requires a sizable investment and is potentially more prone to failure in terms of a bountiful harvest. Growkits give us the opportunity to observe nature right under our eyes, from day to day we can track the progress of mushroom growth and optimize the conditions for growing them with each successive experience.

What is a grow kit – growkit?

Growkit is a block of mature mycelium that, under favorable conditions, is ready to produce fruiting bodies – mushrooms. Growkits in our store are collectors’ products and intended for research. The growing kit is no different from mass-produced mushrooms, for example. It only occurs on a smaller scale so that you can grow it in your own home. The grow kit is usually enclosed in a plastic container or bag. Inside is organic material – that is, the substrate that the fungi feed on. Most often these are seed hulls, sawdust or straw that have been pre-watered. Another component of growkit is fungal spores, which are implanted in the substrate. Specific strains of fungi under sterile conditions are placed in a block of medium. The fungi then spread through the substrate. This process is called colonization. Such a finished product goes to the customer, who only has to take care of the right temperature and humidity. To fully understand the process of self-growing – it is worth looking here – Growkit instructions.

Growkit – how many times does it fruiting?

A grow kit can be very productive if properly taken care of. After the first harvest, the block will not use up all its resources, so the cultivation set is suitable for several times. Usually from one growkit we can collect 3-5 throws. It is important to clean the mycelium by removing the stem residue from the previous cast and follow the instructions. You can read more on the topic of service here.

Home cultivation increasingly popular in the world.

According to the Imarc report , the mushroom industry is thriving and has no intention of stopping. It is estimated to reach $86.6 billion in 2025. This was influenced by the novel uses of mushrooms (e.g., research confirming that mushrooms are able to break down plastic), their medicinal properties and therapeutic potential. In Asia, mushrooms have been recognized for centuries as a valuable and nutritious survival food. They took and take part in religious ceremonies. In some European countries, collecting them also has a centuries-old tradition. In the Americas, mushrooms have been part of religious rituals and have accompanied people for thousands of years. And today, thanks to “growkit,” even city dwellers in small, cramped kitchens can enjoy their flavor and goodness.


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