How to collect multiple casts from one growkit

If this article has caught your eye, then surely (outside of Poland where growing psilocybin mushrooms is illegal and which we strongly discourage), you have encountered a situation in which, after the first or second throw, your mycelium “died”, became moldy. In this article, we will try to help you reduce the likelihood of such a situation in the future.

Growing magic mushrooms in grow kit

The growkit includes the growkit itself (with mycelium such as Golden Teacher or Mazatapec) and other items (bag, cardboard box and clips) that make the process as simple as possible.

Inside the plastic container you will find mycelium, which acts as the basis for growing these mushrooms – we wrote about what the life cycle of the mushroom is in another article on how and when to pick magic mushrooms. The kits may look different depending on the brand and where they are purchased, how they work is generally similar.

What is a psilocybin mushroom throw and when to collect it?

It may sound enigmatic, but a cast is the moment when your mushrooms are ready to be harvested – we’ve written about how to find the right moment to harvest in the past. However, in telegraphic terms, it can be described this way – as with any other crop, it must take time and, however, cannot be left unchecked for too long. The most important thing is that the mushrooms do not open and let go of spores – then there is already less chance of a lot of multiple throws.

Soaking mycelium cake for multiple throws – multiple throws from one growkit

The basis for the next throw is to soak the growkit again, according to the instructions for growing the cowkit, whether in the regular or new.

There is also another method, although less true to its name – which is soaking – but it also makes sense.

Instead of literally dipping or soaking the container with the cake, place it under running water and then let the water run out. Let this process take at least two hours, maximum three. We are talking here about flushing,

Although it takes less time, the ground is equally saturated thanks to running water. If you know how rivers and lakes work, you also know that running water is theoretically not conducive to bacterial buildup. Therefore, the latter method is riskier, however, soaking in distilled water for a longer period of time is safer. Also, remember to wear gloves and don’t breathe the air from your mouth into the bag when ventilating, take care of your surroundings during all activities, and avoid kitchens and toilets, bathrooms – that’s where the bacteria are most abundant.


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Number of magic mushroom casts and time

So, exactly how many harvests can you get i.e. how many throws from one growkit? Record holders get to 4 throws, maybe you can achieve a better result – if you did, brag about it in the comments.

The content on is educational, research, and is an expression of many opinions, to which one should reserve. We do not encourage or even discourage the use of any means of influencing consciousness, all of which can both cure and do great harm. In particular, we advise against growing mushrooms from growkits in countries where it is illegal – min. in Poland – because it involves criminal liability. We recommend that growkits purchased from us be disposed of 72 hours after receipt.

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