McKennaii mushrooms – a compendium of knowledge.

In recent years, magic mushrooms are growing very strongly, mycologists and researchers are not idle, many different mutations are being created. Some of them are sometimes mediocre due to their characteristics, but some stand out strongly from the rest. McKennaii mushrooms of the Psilocybe Cubensis group definitely belong to this group. McKennaii mushrooms take their name from psychonaut, ethnobotanist, researcher, author of many books and psilocybin enthusiast Terence McKenna. Although they are sometimes compared to Golden Teacher, the scale of their power is much greater. If you want to know the nature of this growkit – I invite you to read on.

Table of Contents:

  1. McKennaii mushrooms – history.
  2. Who was Terence McKenna?
  3. What does Terence McKenna have in common with the growkit McKennaii variety?
  4. McKennaii mushrooms – characteristics.
  5. Growing Growkit McKennaii.
  6. The action and power of McKennaii mushrooms.
  7. McKennaii Mushroom Dosage.

McKennaii mushrooms – history.

Variety McKennaii is very unique, it has been created in the lab to ensure a bountiful yield and strong psychedelic power. The mushrooms were named after a prominent personality, one of the nature’s greatest defenders and promoter of the consumption of magic mushrooms: Terence McKenna . Rumor has it that after the mycologist’s death, in 2000, fungi were grown using spores from his private collection. However, the second possibility is more likely. “Another version of the story is that the strain was bred by a breeder in the Netherlands and named after (or simply marketing) a famous philosopher,” says mycologist Caine Barlow. This is to be confirmed by sequencing of the fungal genome. Barlow suggests that this is Golden Teacher in a more marketing-oriented edition. Well, we leave this topic open, let everyone judge for themselves.

Who was Terence McKenna?

“McKenna believed that psychoactive plants harnessed the ability to heal the world and discover truth and understand the sacred,” explains Romer, an American mycologist. Terence is considered one of the most influential American thinkers of the 20th century. He left a lasting legacy in the fields of psychedelics, philosophy and exploration of consciousness. His bold approach and passion for mushrooms challenged conventions. At the same time, he opened new wickets in the field of the human mind.

Born in Colorado in 1946, he has devoted his entire life to exploring and spreading knowledge of ethnobotany, philosophy, culture and human consciousness. His charisma made him one of the leading writers, speakers and researchers of his time. He gained international recognition for his ideas and experiences with the use of psychedelics. McKenna was known for discussing and recommending the sensation of high-dose psilocybin in many of his speeches. He collected experiences from the Amazon to Nepal, searched for psychoactive plants and studied indigenous rituals. These expeditions and personal practice allowed him to develop a unique and provocative vision on such topics as the nature of reality, evolution, spirituality and self-awareness. He inspired people at lectures, but also in his books. Terence McKenna has had a lasting impact on the psychedelic community and beyond. His work spurred the exploration of consciousness and the questioning of stereotypical conceptions of reality by many other researchers and psychonauts.

What does Terence McKenna have in common with the growkit McKennaii variety?

If you are wondering whether Terence McKenna is related to growkit McKennaii, I must disappoint you. Ethnobotanist, unfortunately, was not involved in the creation of this mushroom variety, although he may have had a hand in how this mycelium was reproduced. It is assumed that the McKennaii mushrooms were simply named that way to pay tribute to the legacy Terence left behind.

McKennaii mushrooms – characteristics.

To make our compendium of knowledge complete, it’s worth turning to McKennaii’s growkit specifications. This variety is very productive, but not necessarily the easiest to grow. Mushrooms can be recognized by their light brown caps with a darker center, thick stems. They have round caps and dark, almost purpleish spores. McKennaii fruiting bodies are not found in the natural environment, they come from the laboratory. Therefore, they have increased psilocybin concentrations. If you encounter similar mushrooms in the wild, wild mushrooms are sure to be magic mushrooms of a different variety, but still of the psilocybe cyanescens family.

Growing Growkit McKennaii.

To some mycologists, growth comes easily, to others a bit more difficult. However, they are reasonably friendly to novice observers. McKennaii mushroom cultivation involves the same process as the cultivation of other Psilocybe Cubensis varieties. Pins – pins of mushrooms appear only after 2 weeks, they grow quickly. The first cast can be collected in about a month. Their rapid growth helps them fight contaminants in the mycelium. For detailed information, see our breeding guide available here. Magical mushroom growing kits are 100% legal as far as sales by vendors are concerned. However, we strongly discourage growing mushrooms in Poland and many other countries, as it is legal to possess growkits, but to bring them to fruiting bodies is already illegal. If you want to grow and own McKennaii mushrooms, you need to be aware of the legal risks.

The action and power of McKennaii mushrooms.

The action of McKennaii mushrooms is similar to that of other Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms. They evoke a positive mood and quite strong visual effects. Rather, they are classified into strong varieties. The psilocybin in the fruiting bodies acts on the serotonin system, particularly on type 2 serotonin receptors, which are involved in memory and emotional processing. The initial stage of action may be mild, but be prepared for a “twist” and a sudden strong exploration of spiritual space. Users recall experiencing euphoria and delight, a sense of security and understanding of the world. In addition, they felt a remarkable connection and oneness with their surroundings, and appreciated deep philosophical thoughts and introspective experiences. However, it is not always so pleasant. Experiencing mushrooms because of their power can lead to extremely intense sensations that are sometimes uncomfortable or difficult to control. Performance can be somewhat unpredictable, which some users find disconcerting. In addition, McKennaii, like other varieties, can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Stomach discomfort and nausea are common side effects, so it is advisable not to eat for several hours before consuming mushrooms.

McKennaii Mushroom Dosage.

When using McKennaii, it is worth bearing in mind that these are strong magic mushrooms and the dosage should be adjusted. It is safer to take a lower dose of them compared to weaker species. A mushroom tour usually lasts 4 to 6 hours. This duration is fairly constant. The dose takes effect after about 30 minutes. Eating psilocybin mushrooms on an empty stomach can lead to faster onset of symptoms.

Dosage of dried mushrooms:

Low dose – 0.15-0.75 g

Average dose – 0.75-1.5 g

High dose – 1.5-3 g


Both Terence McKenna’s biography and the mushrooms named after him deserve special attention. We encourage more detailed research and exploration of the topics raised by the researcher. There are quite a few recordings and interesting publications available online, and his books are a real philosophical delight. And when it comes to exploring the world of McKennaii mushrooms, we pay special attention to safety and proper set&setting. In addition, we do not encourage the consumption and cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms. When deciding on cultivation and use, check the legal status in your country. The above article is for educational purposes, and the use of psychoactive substances should only be under the care of a medical professional.


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