Growkit Manual – how to grow magic psilocybin mushrooms – a compedium of knowledge.

In this article, we will describe instructions for growing psilocybin mushroom growkits. All those who want to grow their own mushrooms will have access to detailed information in this article on the topic “growkit Golden Teacher instructions” and others.
Moreover, in the article you will also find a pictorial version of the instructions, which will make the breeding process easier and increase your chances of success.
In addition, for those who would like to try their hand at growing other varieties of psilocybin mushrooms, such as min. Mazatapec, Mexican or Mckennaii will also find a knowledge base here.

growkit manual


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Picture version of Golden Teacher’s step-by-step instructions new method.

We have prepared for you a pictorial manual for the new method of growing Golden Teacher, something that has so far been missing from the knowledge base of the Golden Teacher variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Step by step we guide you through the steps of the process. With this, we hope to dispel doubts and controversies surrounding the new version.

growkit instruction

Growkit Growing instructions for Golden Teacher and other varieties, ie. Mazatapec, McKennaii, Mexican and others

In Poland, the possession and sale of growkits is legal. Cultivation and possession of mycelium fruits is PROHIBITED! By allowing psilocybin mushrooms to grow – you are breaking the law and must face the consequences. However, if you are a resident of Austria, the Samoa Islands, or another country where growing is allowed, you can use the following growkit breeding instructions. An up-to-date list of the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms can be found here: Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms.

Growkit Ecuadorian

1. Educate yourself on the use of psychedelics, check out our blog recommendations.

2. Choose a growkit, in our opinion the best would be Golden Teacher to start with, if you are super cautious take B+- theoretically a weaker variety.

3. In Poland, you will not find instructions in the package, because growkits are designed for examination under a microscope. However, you may find a plastic bag and paper clips. To prevent growkit from spoiling, put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible after receiving the package.

4. Disinfect your hands or wear disposable sterile gloves.

5. Remove the cover from the plastic growkit. You can prick the surface of the growkit (substrate) in a dozen places with a fork (disinfected beforehand) at a depth of about 0.5 cm. This will allow the substrate to absorb water better. However, this process is not necessary, and you can also not prick.

6. Fill the kit with lukewarm water to the edge of the box ( about 20º C). Put the lid on and let the GrowKit soak for 1 hour. You can use boiled or distilled water.

7. After about 1 h, remove the lid and pour off the excess water.

8. Then put the growkit box in the plastic bag included in the kit-no lid!

9. Into the bag, NOT into the box! Pour a glass of boiled or distilled water, the bag will not leak, the box will stand in water.

10. Roll the bag at the top twice and close it with a buckle or paperclip. Try not to skim inside to avoid introducing bacteria or viruses into the growkit. The procedure must take place under sterile conditions. A small stumble can derail a bountiful harvest. Mycelium is very sensitive, and the way you handle it will repay you beautifully.

11. A box in foil is good to put in a cardboard box, a little lower than the foil. Keep this in mind when you separate waste from product packaging purchased online. Seemingly nothing, and yet you contribute to recycling 🙂 Put such a cardboard box in a place where it will not be in direct contact with the sun, but light will reach it. E.g. the top of the hall closet, the space under the desk. Room temperature 22- 25 degrees Celcius.

12. Name the future Mushroom or Mushroom Woman. Funny? Not for someone who is doing it for the second time. If you are a grower, you are in the first line of connection with the substrate, you bring it to life, you initiate the meeting. The name will give depth to the relationship going forward.

13. For the next two weeks, do not look inside, let the mycelium settle. Growkit at this time needs a lot of CO2, and your visit is unnecessary.

14. After about 2 weeks, the first fruits should appear in the form of tiny mushrooms. Now growkit requires your special care. For the next few days, open it several times a day 3-4 times. Remove the clothespin, fan the film to allow air to get in. Remember not to chuckle inside, disinfect your hands every time. At this stage, humidity is important. To provide it, you can moisten the plastic bag with a water sprayer (boiled or distilled). Spray on the wall of the plastic bag, NOT ON THE GRASS, so that you can see the embedded droplets.

15. After a few days, the mushrooms should already be quite large, the most important thing is not to miss the moment when the hats open. As soon as you notice that they begin to crack and open- start picking mushrooms. By unscrewing them-not shearing or pulling them out. If you allow the mushroom caps to open too much, you will lead them to release spores and thus weaken the mycelium that is still working.

16. Assuming that the crop was harvested in time, we repeat the process from the beginning, that is, from point 6. Pour water, soak and so on…On average, you can soak one growkit about 4 times. Yields will be smaller each time, but they will be. The amount of dried fruit is enough for you for several trips, and you will still bestow trusted friends. The cost of a single serving of mushrooms on the black market ranges from 80 to 200 zlotys (with no certainty of their origin and quality, nor do you have a direct connection to them), and for 179 zlotys in our store, if you are careful, you can experience not one, but several or a dozen unforgettable journeys.

17. Cultivation is not a walk on the beach, it is a demanding tool for the conscious.

18. We recommend checking out different growing options, e.g.: growkit-instructions/, it is also worth asking friends about different patents.

The content on is educational, research, and is an expression of many opinions, to which one should reserve. We do not encourage or even discourage the use of any means of influencing consciousness, all of which can both cure and do great harm. In particular, we advise against growing mushrooms from growkits in countries where it is illegal – min. in Poland – because it involves criminal liability. We recommend that growkits purchased from us be disposed of 72 hours after receipt.

growkit golden teacher
Growkit Golden Teacher

We also recommend checking out this video showing how you can prepare a growkit

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