Golden Teacher dosage

The subject is not clear-cut, because we can’t tell by eye what the psilocybin content of a particular, specific mushroom is. There may be more in one, less in another. The second issue is our body’s individual tolerance to psilocybin. It might seem that someone who weighs 90 kg and is 190 cm tall has a high resistance to this substance, nothing could be further from the truth. It happens that people barely weighing 50 kg have it much higher, and to get the desired effect they have to take more than the recommended dose. So the dosage of Golden Teacher is not so obvious and requires experience.

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So how do you dose hallucinogenic mushrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms, including Golden Teacher, contain 90% water in their composition, so there is a very big difference between a dose of dried and fresh mushrooms. A precision scale with an accuracy of 0.5 grams is used to properly prepare the dose. Dose selection is a very subjective matter, so it’s important to measure strength against strength and start with small portions.

Golden Teacher dosage

Psychedelic sensations begin at just 1 g of dried mushrooms. At first contact, no more than 2 g is recommended. The average dose is about 3.5 g. The dose that gives the full psychedelic experience is 5 grams of the dried drug – with the caveat that this is for very experienced people. When using fresh hallux, it is assumed that the dose is multiplied times 10. That is, for the first dose, 20 g is designated, the average dose is 35 g, very strong 50 g.

In order to better choose the amount to take, it is worthwhile to help ourselves with calculators available online – they take into account our weight, but do not take into account individual tolerance to psilocybin, which is important:

The wrong dose can make quite a mess, so take care of your safety when deciding to take hallucinogenic mushrooms. These are not toys!!! If you have a few drinks too many – you know the hangover will be terrible. In the case of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms – if you take too many – the effects are unpredictable, and it might as well be your first and last time, because you will get so discouraged. Therefore, start with smaller amounts.

This article is not intended to scare or educate, it is the subjective opinion of the author. We do not encourage the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms, we want to impart knowledge and raise awareness about psychedelic substances. Possession and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms is illegal in Poland, choosing to consume – you risk conflict with the law.


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