What Netfilx says about psychedelics

Today a few words about what you can learn about psychedelics from the popular streaming platform – Netflix. We have prepared for you concise descriptions and links to trailers.

Magic MedicineMagic MedicineIn 2012, a team of medical scientists asked themselves, “what would happen if we gave psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to people suffering from severe depression”? It took them three years to get the necessary permits to find out.

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The extraordinary world of fungi – Fantastic Fungi

“We brought life to Earth. You can’t see us. We are mushrooms!” You may wonder why you should care about mushrooms. It is described as something between a plant and an animal. We hear that they have existed since the beginning and that they play a role in birth, reincarnation and regeneration. This is shown in a series of stop-motion animations present in the film, as well as the bold announcement that the Fungus is “the mother of us all.” Thanks to medical research, penicillin, antibiotics, bioterrorism, psychedelics and now even treatments for depression and cancer, we are learning that fungi are such an essential part of our existence. Fungi can feed you, heal you and even kill you. The film is quite a fascinating and educational treat… and a lesson in biological resilience.


Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

Combining comedy with a close examination of psychedelics, “Have a Good Trip” explores the pros and cons, science, history, the future, the impact of pop culture and the cosmic possibilities of hallucinogens.

Psychedelics occur naturally in plants and have been used by indigenous peoples such as American Indians and other tribes around the world. These means were often used in religious ceremonies and can be used to answer questions about reality or bring you closer to understanding why you exist (such things).

The documentary uses a variety of colorful animation along with prominent A- and B-grade stars, but they seem to only use people in movies, music and on stage, so I think they really missed an opportunity to give a better view of the subject. Where are those who are not stagehands? Athletes? Scientists? Politicians?

Generally speaking, it’s okay, beginners are looking at mind-opening drugs, which, if taken properly in the presence of people who really care about your well-being, you can have a great experience.


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