Effects of psychedelics while listening to music

Music is a very dynamic stimulus and consists of distinct acoustic features such as pitch, rhythm and timbre. Neuroimaging studies highlight the hierarchy of brain networks involved in music perception. Psychedelic drugs, such as lysergic acid diethylamide, temporarily disintegrate the brain’s normal hierarchy of functioning and produce profound subjective effects, including enhanced music-induced emotions.

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Studies of the effect of LSD on the experience of music

Many studies(example) have revealed altered brain activity and connectivity to acoustic features in music under the influence of LSD. Psychedelics evoke feelings of awe. Such findings are the first to shed light on how the brain processes music under the influence of psychedelics and provide new insights into the brain processes underlying music perception and peak emotions under natural listening conditions.

What music is worth listening to

We’ve gathered information on the most common performers and songs featured on playlists whose names may suggest use for travel.


Khruangbin’s musical genre is a hotly debated topic among critics. Primarily instrumental, the band’s sound has been described as soul, surf rock, psychedelic, rock, dub and funk. The most commonly used term to describe Khruangbin’s music is Thai funk, although the band members themselves challenge genre convention, publicly refusing to be pigeonholed into one particular category. As music journalist Rob Shepherd noted for PostGenre, “[imię Khruangbin], which means “flying engine” or airplane in Thai, is perfect for their music because it often crosses borders and cultures.”

Adagio for Strings

A piece by Samuel Barber, considered his most popular work written for string orchestra. In a BBC poll, it was voted the saddest song ever.


Her music is primarily electropop , folk and art pop with vocals described as “ethereal” . At the beginning of her career, she played only piano, but later became involved in percussion and other aspects of her music production.

Psychedelic Room playlist on Spotify

In order not to mince words more and not to write about music but to listen, we have prepared a ready-made playlist for you on Spotify


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