Toadstool Pendant


The Beanstalk Fly Pendant, is a precision handicraft made of polymer clay. A great gift idea for any mushroom fan. It will cheer up and attract the positive.

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Toadstool Pendant

The Beanstalk Toadstool Pendant is a tribute to a unique species of fungus, the amanita muscaria toadstool. It is also known as the red toadstool. This is a unique miniature precisely made by a fine artist. The pendant depicts the famous toadstool in a cute and friendly way. However, this unusual decoration, made with passion and commitment, can cheer up anyone. At the same time, it reminds us of the beauty of nature and its fascinating creatures.

The Toadstool Bean Pendant can be used in many ways. It can act as a key ring, a purse decoration or even a Christmas tree bauble during the holiday season. It is a handmade product, which means that each piece is unique and made with the utmost care. The designer took care of every detail on the toadstool’s face, which adds to its unique charm and authenticity.

The amanita muscaria toadstool itself is a species of mushroom that is one of the most recognizable and iconic in the world. It is characterized by a distinctive bright red hat decorated with white or cream spots. Its lamellae are white, and the stem is white and cylindrical, with a distinct ring at the base. The red toadstool mostly grows in forested areas, especially under coniferous and deciduous trees. Its distribution range includes areas all over the world, making it a cosmopolitan species.

Both the figure of the Beanstalk Flytrap and the species of flytrap amanita muscaria have a rich history and have been present in the literature, art and mythology of many cultures over the centuries. Repeatedly associated with magic, mystery and potential psychoactive properties, they have become iconic symbols of nature. The amanita muscaria flytrap was used in religious rituals and shamanic rituals, and was often considered a psychoactive plant capable of inducing altered states of consciousness. Therefore, it is a fascinating part of nature and culture that continues to attract attention and inspire nature lovers around the world.


Height: 6 cm

Width: 6 cm

String length: 6cm


Weight 1 kg


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