Pot in toadstools


A flowerpot in toadstools, the original work of the creator who was “on the other side of the mirror.” The unique object as if from a surrealist dream delights with its details and its fantasy. Every flower would like to wear it, but it’s also a beautiful sculpture in itself!

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Pot in toadstools

The toadstool pot was created using self-hardening clay and is an absolutely unique masterpiece. Its uniqueness is surprising and takes us into a world of surreal dreams and fantastic visions. It’s a combination of the delicate face of a female character overgrown by toadstools, which brings to mind scenes from Alice in Wonderland, where anything is possible.

The pot’s color scheme, mainly centered around shades of orange, yellow and white, gives it a distinctive look, filled with subtle charm. Therefore, each plant placed in this unique vessel acquires a unique, mystical character.

However, it is worth noting that the toadstool pot is not just an ordinary pot. This is a story of travel that seems beyond the limits of our world. The symbolism of toadstools – amanita muscaria, takes us into areas of fantasy and magic. These mushrooms are known for their psychedelic properties. Because people have used them in various cultures as a means of leading to altered states of consciousness.

The pot thus becomes a bridge between our everyday world and the dimension of dreams and mysteries. It is a unique art that integrates nature, art and mythology. Therefore, anyone who has the pleasure of owning such a pot can enjoy not only the beauty of the plant, but also the deeper message of the symbolism of these creatures. It is a unique item that stimulates the imagination and opens the door to amazing stories and journeys into fantasy lands.

Height: 14 cm

Diameter: 14 cm


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