Toadstool Mug


The toadstool mug is a unique product of the ceramic studio, it immediately catches the eye with its colors. Red toadstools like flags fly against a turquoise background. It fits perfectly in the hands and pleases the eye with your morning coffee. Every witch would desire to have it in her closet.

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Toadstool Mug

The ceramic Toadstool mug is not only a practical vessel for everyday use, but also a unique symbol and tribute to the amana muscaria. Produced by an experienced sculpture workshop, this mug combines aesthetics, functionality and spirituality, making it a unique and fascinating item.

The Toadstool mug attracts attention with its beautiful turquoise glaze color, which gives it an elegant and unique character. It harmonizes with the red dominant color of the three cute toadstools that decorate the surface of the mug. This colorful palette gives the dish a unique look and a distinct character that is both aesthetic and symbolic.

However, this mug not only delights the eye, but also fulfills its practical role as a drinking vessel. With its sizable size, it is ideal for quenching the thirst of lovers of coffee, tea or other favorite beverages. It’s a vessel that not only serves its purpose, but also enriches the drinking experience, adding deeper meaning and connection to nature.

Therefore, the Toadstool mug makes a perfect gift not only for lovers of psychedelic travel. But also for everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature and wants to identify with it. It is a gift that takes us into the world of nature, its mysteries and wisdom. At the same time, it is a daily tool that reminds us of these values.

In conclusion, the ceramic cup of the Toadstools is much more than a simple drinking vessel. It’s a combination of functionality, art and spirituality that carries a deeper meaning. It pays tribute to nature and its magical symbols. Therefore, every day using this mug, we can enjoy not only our favorite drink, but also the contemplation and inspiration that nature brings.


Height: 7 cm

Capacity: 300 ml


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