Mushroom Necklace


Mushroom Necklace. The wood-carved handicrafts were created out of a passion for nature. The prototype is the coot – a hallucinogenic mushroom.

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Mushroom Necklace

The Mushroom Necklace is an unusual combination of nature, art and the artist’s passion. This unique jewelry is the result of handwork and virtuosity in wood carving. However, it’s not just decoration – it’s also a tribute to magical hallucinogenic mushrooms, of which the coot was most likely the prototype. Therefore, this necklace is not only a beautiful decoration, but also carries with it the spirit of nature and history.

The Mushroom Necklace is made of wood, which gives it a natural and organic feel. The choice of this material is not accidental, as wood has been associated with warmth, earth and nature for centuries. It is for these reasons that the artist decided to use wood to create this unique work of art. It is also an expression of his passion for nature and love of handicrafts.

However, that’s not all that makes this necklace so special. Its main element is carved mushrooms, which resemble magical hallucinogenic mushrooms. Most likely, the artist was inspired by the coot, which has its place in history and culture as a source of fascination and mystery. These wooden mushrooms are not only visually beautiful, but also carry with them a hint of mystery and magic.

Therefore, the Mushroom Necklace can be more than just an ornament. It can become your amulet that connects you to nature and history. It can accompany you on forest journeys, reminding you of the beauty of nature and its mysterious corners. This is an extraordinary piece of jewelry that combines art, nature and history in one unique piece.

Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.1 cm



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