Psychedelic-espresso mug, Eye of Providence, green


Psychedelic Mug.

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Psychedelic mug

A ceramic psychedelic mug, designed by a talented artist-sculptor. It is a work of small size, which makes it a perfect match for espresso lovers. Its unique character in gray-blue colors and austere style that evokes ancient shamanic rituals. The symbol of the eye enclosed in the form of a mushroom alludes to the eye of providence. This sign is rooted in the spiritual experience that can be achieved through contact with nature and its magical beings. Therefore, the psychedelic mug carries a deeper meaning and value. The Eye of Providence is a symbolic way of representing God as omnipresent and omnipotent. This is often depicted as an eye in a triangle or radiating nimbus around the central eye, which symbolizes divine presence and care of the world.

Morning coffee from this unique mug is not only a ritual, but also a personal pleasure. A warm drink to start the day takes on a new meaning when served in such an inspiring dish. The psychedelic mug thus acts not only as a drinking container, but also as a work of art that reminds us of the fascinating world of nature and its mysteries.

It is a collection of functionality, aesthetics and spirituality, all neatly combined in one vessel. This is true handicraft magic, which provides a bit of mysterious beauty to our lives every day. The mug, although simple in its form, shows that even the smallest details can be a big experience. It encourages us to appreciate the beauty of nature and bring it into our daily lives, making everyday rituals an inspiring experience.

Height: 7.5 -8 cm

Capacity: 190 ml


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