Toadstool necklace – mountain quartz


Toadstool necklace, a magic amulet. Made of polymer clay and mountain quartz. It has cleansing properties and will add vitality. The perfect gift for any witch and amanita followers.

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Toadstool Necklace

The Toadstool Crystal Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that combines magic and natural beauty. This unusual necklace was created from polymer clay and decorated with a rock crystal, which gives it unusual properties and meaning.

Mountain crystal, which is a variety of quartz, is an uncut natural stone with extraordinary properties. It has strong cleansing, healing, and neutralizing energy abilities. This magical stone benefits our health, strengthening our immunity and harmonizing the nervous system. As the king of crystals, he brings balance and harmony to our lives, helping us strengthen our energies.

The mountain crystal is an excellent companion during meditation, as it helps us clear our mind of negative thoughts and bring calm. Its purification properties make it an ideal carrier of information, allowing it to record and store positive energies. However, it is also known to enhance the properties of other stones, making it invaluable in gemstone practices.

However, the Toadstool necklace, which is a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom, combined with the mountain crystal, becomes a magical attribute. Therefore, it can become your amulet. This unique necklace is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a carrier of positive energy and purification power. Its presence close to the heart reminds us of the power of nature and its ability to heal. This is an extraordinary piece of jewelry that brings magic and harmony to life, enhancing our body, mind and soul.


Total height: 4 cm

Crystal height: 2 cm

Hat diameter: 3 cm


Weight 1 kg


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