Kambo Frog Mug


Frog mug.

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Kambo Frog Mug

Kambo ceramic frog mug is a vessel that is not only a useful object for everyday use. This mug is also a symbol and tribute to the psychedelic ceremonies involving the Kambo frog. This is a unique mug, created by a sculpture studio with years of experience, which pays homage to nature, psychedelia and spiritual practices.

This mug attracts attention with its beautiful blue glaze color, which gives it an elegant and original character. However, it is not just the color that gives it its unique charm. The heart of the mug is a green frog, which is made with incredible attention to detail and piety. Its shape is realistic, and the expressive carving gives the vessel a peculiar character. The Kambo frog is an animal that is an important part of many ceremonies and spiritual practices. The Kambo mug is a tribute to this psychedelic tradition.

The Kambo Frog Mug not only delights the eye, but also provides practicality in daily use. Thanks to its ergonomic form, it fits perfectly in the hand. This advantage makes drinking your favorite beverage from this vessel a pleasure. Whether it’s morning coffee or tea during a relaxing evening, this mug is suitable for many occasions and lifts the mood.

Therefore, it is the perfect gift for lovers of psychedelic travel. Kambo frog ceremonies are a significant aspect of many cultures and spiritual practices, and this mug is a symbolic reference to those traditions. It’s a gift that carries a deeper meaning and pays respect to the spirit and wisdom of nature.

In conclusion, the ceramic Kambo Frog mug is a vessel that combines aesthetics, practicality and spirituality. It is a tribute to psychedelic traditions and ceremonies. At the same time, it is a wonderful everyday object that reminds us of the beauty and mysteries of nature. Therefore, it represents not only a drinking cup, but also a source of inspiration and contemplation for those who value deeper meaning in everyday life.

Height: 9 cm

Capacity: 320 ml


Ceramic mug, handmade in blue color with carved frog on the side.


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