Toadstool – a figurine for a flowerpot


Ceramic toadstool is a beautiful decoration for potted plants or your garden. A real hail mary for fans of amanita muscaria. The handicraft of the Polish ceramicist will be an apt gift for supporters of amanita, as well as other mushroomers.

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Toadstool – a figurine for a flowerpot

Ceramic toadstool figurine that will transform your interior and add a unique character. Made by a talented ceramic artist. This small sculpture is much more than just a decoration. This is a real work of art that can decorate your potted plants, but also find its place in the garden or on the balcony, creating a unique atmosphere. It will pierce the eye of any mushroom picker.

The toadstool figurine attracts attention with its charming form and distinctive color. Its design refers to nature, which gives it a natural charm. This handmade figurine was tempered with traditional clay and then fired in a ceramic kiln, giving it durability and weather resistance. This allows you to place it both indoors and outdoors.

One of its undeniable strengths is its versatility. You can put it in your home as a charming decoration for a flower pot. Its shape and color blend perfectly with the greenery of the plants. It’s a great way to liven up a space and add a unique touch. But that’s not all – the toadstool can also find its place in the garden or on the balcony, where it will create a pleasant atmosphere, and its natural design will fit in well with the surrounding nature.

If you are a mushroom lover or know someone who is fascinated by mushrooms, a ceramic toadstool can be an apt gift. This figurine will attract the attention of any mushroom picker. It is certainly an excellent decoration for those who appreciate nature and the beauty of traditional artisan ceramics.

The toadstool, or amanita muscaria, is not just a decoration, it is also an expression of artistic passion and craftsmanship. Each figurine is handmade by a ceramic artist, who takes care of every detail and gives it a unique character. It is a combination of art and nature that brings harmony and tranquility to your environment. Discover the magic of the ceramic toadstool and give your interior a new and unique dimension.

The price is for one toadstool.

Total height: 18 cm

Hat diameter: 4.5 cm



Weight 1 kg


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