What is grow kit?

Until recently, the term was virtually unused in Poland. However, the world is changing, we are changing and so is our worldview. The use of plant medicine, in which we see hope for our health and the future of the planet, is becoming increasingly popular. What is a growkit?

What is grow kit?

What is grow kit?

Grow kit or growkit is a kit for growing mushrooms or other plants enclosed in a box. Inside is a set of components that allows you to grow your own plant or, in the case of fungi, a fruiting block that has not yet been introduced to the conditions necessary to grow fruiting bodies.

Grow kits in our store contain material with ready-made mycelium of a given species.

Is grow putty legal?

The substance contained in growkit is legal in Poland and can be tested until the fruiting bodies grow. So the growkit is legal.

Already grown mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is considered illegal in Poland. Similar laws are in place throughout the European Union, but some countries have dropped prosecutions for possessing small amounts of mushrooms or growing them for personal use.

Where are psilocybin mushrooms legal?

Psilocybin mushrooms are not completely legal, but have been decriminalized for personal use in a private place. Such a situation applies, for example. Czech Republic, Portugal and the Netherlands. However, if you are going to the Bahamas or Jamaica, where there is full legalization of psilocybin mushrooms, you can safely purchase and grow magic mushrooms. However, we encourage caution when traveling geared toward buying or farming in these countries, as being a tourist can be easy prey for raising the statistics of other offenses.


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There has been a lot of talk recently about easing restrictions on psilocybin mushroom use, especially in the States. The law allows the use of psychoactive substances in some cities, but only in specific cases and for medical use.

Before you go on a psychedelic trip, check the legal status of the country carefully. With the topic of psilocybin mushrooms getting its second youth, the law is slowly, slowly adapting to the state of our consciousness. It is constantly changing before our eyes in favor of these substances, so it is worthwhile to keep up to date with legal changes in the country.

We do not encourage the cultivation and consumption of psychoactive substances, the text is educational and is the private opinion of the author.

The content on psychodelicroom.co.uk is educational, research, and is an expression of many opinions, to which one should reserve. We do not encourage or even discourage the use of any means of influencing consciousness, all of which can both cure and do great harm. In particular, we advise against growing mushrooms from growkits in countries where it is illegal – min. in Poland – because it involves criminal liability. We recommend that growkits purchased from us be disposed of 72 hours after receipt.

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