Tripping Golden Teacher: Everything you need to know

Experiencing your first psychedelic trip with Golden Teacher can be a unique, life-changing event, representing a journey towards betterment. On the other hand, it can be cruel, shattering control over one’s world and senses. Pushing into the frightening, surreal world of magic mushrooms – this represents the danger of a bad trip – a bad trip. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare well for this type of experience with due care and attention.

co powinieneś wiedzieć o podróży psychodelicznej z Golden Teacher

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Risk awareness

All information about magic mushrooms contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. We do not encourage or recommend the consumption of any psychoactive substances, such as psilocybin mushrooms, without first consulting a doctor or relevant health professional. mental health.

Consumption of psychoactive substances carries significant risks to physical and mental health. Any decision to consume magic mushrooms should be made with a full understanding of the risks and health consequences, and in accordance with applicable laws. If you have any doubts or questions about your mental health, it is advisable to consult a doctor or specialist before taking any action. This article does not constitute or replace medical advice or professional counseling on the use of psychoactive substances.

Golden Teacher growkit characteristics

Golden Teacher is the most popular psychedelic mushrooms, or psilocybin mushrooms. Its unique mode of action has already earned it a legendary place in the psychedelic family. He is known around the world for his wisdom and guidance into unknown corners of the subconscious. Golden Teacher, or Golden Teacher has fully earned its name.

What is a Golden Teacher?

Golden Teacher is a mushroom that belongs to the Psilocybe cubensis variety, it is the Hymenogastraceae (mushroom family ) its origin is not fully known. The Golden Teacher is relatively new to the family, as it appeared in the 1980s and has created a lot of confusion among mycologists. It has smooth, plump hats, in shades of orange-brown-caramel. The stem is cream or white, with a stocky structure. The variety is probably the best known of the Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. It does not occur naturally, as by definition the “variety” is cultivated and is not a naturally occurring specimen. In the world of mycologists, it is considered simple and convenient to grow, which is why it enjoys such wide distribution. Golden Teacher is a carefully selected species of psilocybe cubensis, whose desirable traits have been isolated to produce enhanced hallucinogenic effects and better adaptation to unpredictable environmental conditions.

Why is Golden Teacher such a popular hallucinogenic mushroom?

First, because of the remarkable balance between its power and ease of cultivation. The variety is neither strong nor weak. On the power scale of action, it ranks in the middle. It will work well for both beginners and more advanced players. The content of psilocybin is 0.63%, psilocin 0.60% and baeocystin 0.25%. In addition, the duration of the trip is shorter than with other mushrooms or LSD, depending on the dose it is usually 2-4 hours, which is a plus for amateurs who do not know what they are signing up for. However, this time, too, can wipe a person off the board. That’s why it’s so important to stay safe and take care of the set & setting and education. Be sure to check out the post on this topic on our blog. Before you buy your first growkit, you might want to familiarize yourself with the issues surrounding psychedelics and lean more carefully into this thread. In our store we offer several items books , which can explain something.

Golden Teacher

But back to the subject of Golden Teacher – the most valuable feature that influenced its popularity, which gave it the name of the king of hallucinogenic mushrooms, is its extraordinary wisdom, the feeling of communing with a higher intelligence, directed to the inner feeling of love. His clear form of education is downright epic, and the experience with him is a sense of unusual balance between a warm feeling on the heart and an expanded state of consciousness. Golden Teacher is so popular because among users of psychedelic sensations, it is perceived as the one less likely to cause a “bad trip.” However, keep in mind that any use of a psychedelic substance can carry dangerous risks, and we can’t 100% predict anything.

Is Golden Teacher legitimate?

The possession, or sale, of a growkit of the Golden Teacher variety is legal in Poland, as long as the growkit is intended for research or collection purposes. The mycelium does not contain banned substances. The moment we allow mushrooms to grow from growkit, illegal material, namely psilocybin, is released in the mushrooms – then we run the risk of conflict with the current law. To see where you can legally grow and possess hallucinogenic mushrooms verify the legal status of each state here.

Frequently asked questions about. Golden Teacher

What species/variety is it?

Psilocyne Aurumescens

What is the story of Golden Teacher?

This intriguing variety was created in the 1980s, and its creator remains anonymous. And it is a great pity, but also a great respect to stand in the shadow of such an outstanding gun as growkit Golden Teacher.

How to growkit Golden Teacher?

We advise against growing, let alone consuming, psilocybin mushrooms, because in Poland and many other countries the substances contained in them ( PSYLOCYBINE) are illegal. However, there are countries where this is possible, to be sure, check the legal status of the growkit of the country where you reside, if it is positive, on our site in the growkit instructions – an article on growing magic mushrooms you will learn how to take care of them. Golden Teachers are a good choice for cultivation. If you are just starting out, any variety of Psilocybe cubensis is easy to grow. Almost all varieties have similar breeding requirements (e.g., temperature, humidity and light).

Is Golden Teacher easy to develop?

Many growers say they do. In fact, this type of mushroom – like other strains of Psilocybe cubensis – is known to be relatively easy to grow. This makes it an excellent choice for beginning growers. And how long does it take to breed Golden Teachers? Expect the process to take 4-6 weeks from inoculation with spores to fruiting.

How do Golden Teacher mushrooms work?

Golden Teachers took the “teacher” part of their name because users found that they offered them insightful and revealing experiences. However, any variety of magic mushroom can obviously offer important insights, as if you were learning life lessons from a teacher. Because GTs have a moderate level of potency, they are an ideal starting point for those who are new to psychedelics. The mild nature of the variety reduces the risk of a bad trip for the user. More experienced users can take a higher dose of Golden Teachers for unique effects, such as mystical sensations.

Golden Teacher mushroom doses should be taken with caution. Even if they are medium strength mushrooms, if you have never tripped before or are new to psychedelics, it is always best to start with a small dose. It is worth getting used to the effects first, and then take a higher dose next time if you feel like it. Remember: you can always take more, but never less.

How to dose Golden Teacher?

The subject is not clear-cut, because we can’t tell by eye what the psilocybin content of a particular, specific mushroom is. There may be more in one, less in another. The second issue is our body’s individual tolerance to psilocybin. It might seem that someone who weighs 90 kg and is 190 cm tall has a high resistance to this substance, nothing could be further from the truth. It happens that people barely weighing 50 kg have it much higher, and to get the desired effect they have to take more than the recommended dose.

So how do you dose hallucinogenic mushrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms contain 90% water in their composition, so there is a very big difference between a dose of dried and fresh mushrooms. A precision balance with an accuracy of 0.5 grams is used to properly prepare the dose. Dose selection is a very subjective matter, so it’s important not to skim and start with small portions.

Golden Teacher dosage

Psychedelic sensations begin at just 1 g of dried mushrooms. At first contact, no more than 2 g is recommended. The average dose is about 3.5 g. The dose that gives the full psychedelic experience is 5 grams of the dried drug – with the caveat that this is for very experienced people. When using fresh hallux, it is assumed that the dose is multiplied times 10. That is, for the first dose, 20 g is designated, the average dose is 35 g, very strong 50 g.

In order to better choose the amount to take, it is worthwhile to help ourselves with calculators available online – they take into account our weight, but do not take into account individual tolerance to psilocybin, which is important:

The wrong dose can make quite a mess, so take care of your safety when deciding to take hallucinogenic mushrooms. These are not toys!!! If you have a few drinks too many – you know the hangover will be terrible. In the case of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms – if you take too many – the effects are unpredictable, and it might as well be your first and last time, because you will get so discouraged. Therefore, start with smaller amounts.

This article is not intended to scare or educate, it is the subjective opinion of the author. We do not encourage the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms, we want to impart knowledge and raise awareness about psychedelic substances. Possession and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms is illegal in Poland, choosing to consume – you risk conflict with the law.

Benefits brought by psilocybin mushrooms:

There is a growing body of research showing that psilocybin can treat a variety of mental health problems. Among other things, depression, end-of-life anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as smoking addiction, treat depression. The Psychedelic Research Center at Imperial College London also has an upcoming study examining psilocybin as a treatment for anorexia. These benefits depend on the quality of the psilocybin experience; they are related to effects such as mystical experiences, emotional connection and emotional breakthroughs.

Note, however, that using magic mushrooms in this way is not the same as using them in a clinical, supervised setting. Receiving them with guidance, and in the right mindset and environment, however, can increase your chances of having a positive, therapeutic experience.

growkit golden teacher

Practical tips when traveling with Golden Teacher


Dr. Timothy Leary (whom we mentioned in the Psychedelic Alphabet) used to say that“set & setting,” makes a huge difference in what you ultimately experience. However, there are many other factors that affect the experience, including dosage, the type of magic mushrooms (such as Golden Teacher or Mazatapec) and the will of the subconscious. Those unfamiliar with psilocybin mushrooms should explore the topic in greater depth before embarking on a journey.

What can you expect when traveling with Golden Teacher?

Changes in perception

During a psychedelic trip thanks to psilocybin, at lower doses you may notice that the colors of the objects around you will gain intensity, becoming more vivid and vivid. Sounds will echo, at times questioning their existence. The taste sensations will become intense and exotic, and may even change as you eat.

Visual and mental sensations from, for example. Golden Teacher

However, this is just the beginning. With your eyes closed, you will see intense, three-dimensional geometric patterns that move, rotate and form a variety of complex shapes. When you open your eyes, these patterns pulsate on the walls, floor, ceiling, on rocks and furniture, constantly changing in complexity.

Experiencing such visual exposure while consuming psilocybin mushrooms can be fascinating, but for those unprepared it can lead to panic attacks. Therefore, in this article, we strongly discourage the use of mushrooms without the presence of a doctor or prior medical consultation. Experimenting with psychoactive substances can have unpredictable health and mental health consequences, so we always recommend caution and a responsible approach to their use, with professional medical support present.


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What do you expect from magic mushrooms

When going on a psychedelic journey with Golden Teacher or other mushrooms, it is crucial to understand that each body can react differently to different substances. It is recommended to start with smaller doses, preferably after consulting a doctor.

Also, you should consider how intense a trip you want to experience. Do you yearn to explore your subconscious, exploring its various aspects and connecting them into life contexts? Or are you just looking for a pleasant, relaxing magic mushroom effect, drawing on colorful visual effects and interesting shapes?

Set & Setting

The“Set & Setting” concept we have already written about also includes a state of mind. It is not advisable to start traveling the day before an exam or important event, and without consulting your doctor. The mixture of anxiety and irritation can turn into a frightening and chaotic journey. It’s worth keeping calm, enjoying the mushroom experience with an open mind, and remembering that no matter what happens, it’s a temporary effect.

The role of the guardian of the psychedelic journey – tripsittera

A caregiver on this journey is a way to make sure that everything will actually be okay. Find a tour leader or a sober person who has the time and experience to take care of you and help you experience the magic mushrooms.

Ideally, in addition to being a specialized doctor. Most often, people who use psilocybin mushrooms (such as mazatapec or golden teacher) which can be grown from growkit) more than once end up finding out that having a chaperone on the trip helped them, regardless of whether it was to bring them a blanket. When they needed it, or ended up saving the traveler from trouble with the police or, worse, physical injury. So if you stumble upon psilocybin mushrooms, take care of the tour leader.

Frequency of use and recommendations

Travel intervals

As for the frequency of mushroom use, according to information found online, it is important to remember that building up tolerance can affect the effects of the trip. Many people use them every few months or less frequently to avoid this situation.

A personalized approach

However, it all depends on a person’s preference and what goals he or she wants to achieve with magic mushrooms such as Golden Teacher. It is always advisable to use caution, common sense and consultation with an expert to enjoy the experience in full knowledge and minimize the risk of adverse effects.


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