Natural cleansing incense – deep transformation


Natural herbal smudge for fumigation of rooms and people, cleanses and protects. Purification incense used in transformation rituals. Woven from wormwood, mugwort, lavender, verdure and abundance.

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Natural cleansing incense – properties:

Natural incense – incense of truth and purification, will bring peace of mind and abundance. Plants from the Polish meadows: wormwood, wolfsbane, goldenrod, lavender, mugwort – braided into a cleansing incense. Wormwood will allow you to take a fresh look at an issue. It will brighten your thoughts. It will purge grief and sorrow, and allow you to deal with the loss. In combination with vervicacea, mugwort and goldenrod, it will cleanse negative energies and give you the courage to take action. If you fume the house – you give it protection. The worries will go up in smoke out the window. The goldenrod will bring you and household members abundance and business success. Cleansing incense to a good choice if you need a deep transformation.

Length approximately 18 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Review photo, incense can differ slightly visually (composition of herbs preserved), they are similar in form, but not identical – this is the result of hands and different forms of plants.

Slavic streak, streak stick, herbal wand – natural cleansing incense.

The incense woven by our ancestors was rooted in Slavic tradition. If you are a witch, you are well aware of their various uses. If you’re looking for a gift for a witch, you’ve already found it. Witches, fairies, women with power, connected with Mother Nature, use the gifts of Polish meadows. They live in harmony with the ecological spirit. Our ancient ancestors drew on their knowledge of herbs. They used incense to cleanse their homes, spirit and body, and to attract good energy. For those who doubt, it’s worth noting that smoking herbs has antiseptic properties and acts to purify the air. If you want to know why you should use Polish substitutes for palo santo – check out our article on the subject.

How to burn
herbal incense?

The incense takes the form of an herbal bundle, its tip should be lit, and when the fire engulfs the herbs, we blow out the flame. Then you make a few downward, upward or circular motions (to provide air and keep the embers) and place them on a non-flammable stand. We can move around with a burning incense stick to fumigate a body or room, but it’s a good idea to have the base with us to avoid spilling ashes. Be sure to keep in mind the intention of surrounding.


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