Mug Mushrooms – Coot, turquoise


Ceramic mug, an artistic craft product. It attracts with its beautiful color, and the fancy handle in the form of a coot is a detail that makes you deal with an unusual form. Tea baking can become a ceremony in itself.

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Mug Mushrooms

The Mushroom Mug is a ceramic vessel with a handle in the form of a spoon, which gives it an unusual charm and allows you to move into the world of fascinating mushrooms. Lanceolate baldcypress. In other words, Psilocybe semilanceata, is a species of fungus commonly found in pastures, meadows and grasslands. It is a relatively small mushroom with a delicate appearance, whose color resembles natural shades of green and brown. It often goes unnoticed in its natural habitat due to its modest size and inconspicuous appearance. Nevertheless, it is a species that deserves our attention and appreciation, as it plays an important role in ecosystems, participating in the decomposition of organic matter and supporting the balance of nature.

The Mushroom Mug is a ceramic handicraft product that features an image of a lanceolate coot. This subtle detail is a kind of tribute to the inconspicuous mushroom, while showing that nature hides many treasures worthy of our interest. The shape of the mug has been hand-carved, referring to the delicate structure of the coot, and its turquoise color reflects the psychedelic character of this picturesque species of fungus.

The Mushroom Mug makes a unique gift for mushroom lovers, who will find in this dish a delicate connection between their passion and everyday life. The unique handle shaped like a coot gives this dish character and makes it not just a cup, but an object that reminds us of the fascinating world of mushrooms. Therefore, it can accompany us when we drink coffee, tea or other favorite beverages in the morning. At the same time taking us into the world of nature and its treasures.

The Mushroom Mug is not just an everyday drinking vessel, but also an opportunity to discover and appreciate the beauty of nature. The cup can also serve as a flowerpot and please the eye on the windowsill. It’s a neat combination of functionality, aesthetics and education. These advantages make every moment spent with this mug a unique experience. In addition, it reminds us that nature hides many secrets worth knowing.

Height: 9 cm

Capacity: 300 ml

Weight 1 kg


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