Psychedelic-espresso mug, Eye of Providence, blue


Psychedelic Mug.

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Psychedelic mug

Psychedelic mug, is a unique ceramic vessel with a small size that makes it an ideal choice for espresso lovers. This unusual mug with an interesting design was designed by a talented artist-sculptor and impresses with its gray-blue colors. It is characterized by an austere style, and ritualistic graphics, placed on its surface, evoke ancient shamanic rituals and mysterious rituals.

But the real heart of this mug is the symbol of an eye enclosed in the form of a mushroom, which is a deeply rooted sign of enlightenment in various cultures and traditions. This is a clear reference to the spiritual and transcendent experience that can be had in contact with nature and its magical creatures. Therefore, the psychedelic mug has a deeper meaning and value that cannot be overstated.

For any lover of mushroom travel and forest hikes, morning coffee from this mug is not only a ritual, but also a unique pleasure in itself. A warm drink to start the day takes on a new meaning when served in such an inspiring dish. The psychedelic mug is not only a drinking vessel, but also an object that reminds us of the wonderful world of nature and its mysteries.

Therefore, it is worth appreciating that the dish combines functionality, art and spirituality. It’s a piece of handicraft magic that brings a bit of enigmatic beauty into our lives every day. Astonishing in its simplicity, this mug reminds us that even the smallest details can make a huge difference and that our daily rituals can become inspiring experiences.

Height: 7.5 -8 cm

Capacity: 190 ml




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