Holographic mug – pink, pearl.


Pink holographic mug, when exposed to light it shimmers in pearly rainbow colors. It is perfect for morning coffee and fits well in the hand.

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Holographic mug

Ceramic mug in pearl pink shade with holographic effect is an unusual and unique decoration, which attracts attention with its uniqueness. The holographic effect that appears on this mug is an optical phenomenon in which light is split and reflected in different directions, creating a shimmering effect and transitions between colors. This makes the mug shimmer like a rainbow, presenting a whole range of colors and shades, depending on the angle of the light.

Its pearly pink color makes it delicate and elegant. It is an ideal addition to kitchens, especially those with psychedelic decor. When the mug is illuminated by light, the holographic effect makes it the focal point of attention, drawing the eye and arousing admiration. It is not only a drinking vessel, but also a decorative element that gives a space a unique character.

Its round shape is not only visually appealing, but also ergonomic. The mug fits perfectly in the hand, providing a comfortable and convenient grip while drinking tea, coffee or other favorite beverages. It is not only a vessel for everyday use, but also an object that makes drinking tea a pleasure, and each sip is a unique experience.

The holographic effect on the ceramic mug creates a dynamic and changing look that is always interesting and fascinating. This is the perfect gift for lovers of psychedelic style. This is a great gift, for those who appreciate original decorations. Therefore, this mug will not only complement daily drinking rituals, but also enrich the space with its unusual presence. It’s a combination of functionality, aesthetics and magic that makes it unique and unforgettable.

Height: 9 cm

Capacity: 380 ml

Weight 1 kg


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