Psychedelic frame with drawing, “Chicken Foot”


The frame with the drawing “Chicken’s foot” is a unique product, and even unique. Both the frame and the graphic were created in the artist’s hands with intention and commitment. The unusual symbolism captures the magical and unique nature of the item.

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Psychedelic frame with “Chickenfoot” drawing

A psychedelic frame with a graphic featuring a chicken’s foot is undoubtedly an unusual item that can be described as truly magical. Its precision workmanship delights and is an expression of handcrafted talent. It is a work of art that was created using polymer clay, which adds to its unique character and exceptional aesthetics.

This frame is decorated with psychedelic motifs featuring mushrooms, eyes and hand symbols. Therefore, this makes it a unique decorative element. These motifs refer to the mysterious and unusual aspects of nature and spirit. They include references to ancient beliefs and mythical stories. The frame is like an open window to another world, full of magic.

However, its value goes much further than just the visual aspect. The psychedelic frame with a graphic showing a chicken’s foot is a unique work that evokes deeper thoughts. The designer made it with passion and commitment. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of forest colors and golden details, which gives it an old-fashioned and mystical character. It is more than a simple decoration. It is an object that transports us to a magical world, where nature is combined with myths and extraordinary energy.

Such a frame would certainly find its place on the shelf not only among witches and hags, but also all lovers of mystery and beauty. It can be the centerpiece of an interior decoration, or it can be a perfect gift that conveys deeper meaning and symbolism. Therefore, it is worth appreciating its uniqueness, which combines mysticism, craftsmanship and inspiration from nature.

Dimensions: 13 x18 cm


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